The author of this blog is Robert Steele, residing somewhere in the United States, the Caribbean or England (weather permitting), whose writing hasn’t appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, The American Spectator, Human Events and Front Page Magazine.

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Everything Else

"What's another word for Thesaurus?” ― Steven Wright

Slip Sliding Away: A Local Establishment and Its Discontents

Those fiends! Starvation and dehydration and neglect I could withstand beyond the endurance of lesser men. But that appalling cacophony was the one brutal assault on the senses that I cannot abide for more than a minute.


When Harry Became Sally

"We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia." —George Orwell, '1984'


Correspondence: Man vs. Earth

Is this given thing a big deal, or just nature doing what it will? Is that other thing not to be bothered about, or is it an existential foreshadowing of planetary doom?


Time and Time Again

The second hand sweeps along in full and easy view—a delightful display of mechanical regularity. The other hands are problematic. Both of them are, like the second hand, in constant motion. Or so I'm told.


Wheat Beer and Where You Can't Find It

Alas, wheat beers are non-existent in South Africa. Not a single establishment where I inquired about them (and I inquired everywhere I went) knew what I was talking about when I asked for one.