The author of this blog is Robert Steele, residing somewhere in the United States, the Caribbean or England (weather permitting), whose writing hasn’t appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, The American Spectator, Human Events and Front Page Magazine.

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Letters to Miss Helen

Every writer, regardless of capacity or competence, needs a muse. Miss Helen was mine.

Possible Catchy Title: Abraham Lincoln's Nazi Cat

I know that most great works of literature don't have appendicitises and indexes; but I intend to break with tradition and thereby produce something unique, groundbreaking, and unreadably long.


Bella the Bunny

Did not Romeo accidentally—and to his regret and grief—slay Tybalt with the merest prick of a friendly sword? Can we ask more caution and restraint of a Dachshund than of Shakespeare's immortal characters?


Helenmarie Deborah Gertrude Steyn Koen 1936 - 2016

Well, now you've done it. In all the years I have known you, you have never disappointed me once, until now: by leaving the world when so many of us wanted you to stay.