The author of this blog is Robert Steele, residing somewhere in the United States, the Caribbean or England (weather permitting), whose writing has not appeared in The Weekly Standard, National ReviewThe American Spectator, Human Events and Front Page Magazine.

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Recalcitrant Rebel Recycles Relevancy

Jane has achieved the age of eighty-two as of this writing. Alas, she has acquired wealth, but not wisdom. She is wizened, but not wise. She has not so much put away childish things as exchanged some childish things for others.


It's the Economy, Comrade!

Just as Rousseau believed that man is born free yet everywhere is in chains, the Democrat hopefuls believe that man is born rich but some greedy bastards grabbed all the goodies and left the rest holding an empty sack.


Slip Sliding Away: A Local Establishment and Its Discontents

Those fiends! Starvation and dehydration and neglect I could withstand beyond the endurance of lesser men. But that appalling cacophony was the one brutal assault on the senses that I cannot abide for more than a minute.


Immigration: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We have illegals by the millions; Mexico doesn't have any. I wonder if we're doing something wrong.